Historischer Stempel Bunzlauer Keramik

In our shop you will find a large selection of handmade and traditional Bunzlau ceramics. Convince yourself of the variety that our producer, the Bunzlau manufactory "Zaklady Ceramiczne Boleslawiec" offers. The traditional manufacture was founded in 1865 by the Rheinhold pottery dynasty, which at that time played a leading role in the artistic design of stoneware. In 1946 the company was resumed under the leadership of the outstanding Krakow ceramic artist Tadeusz Szafran. All Bunzlau ceramics are intensively checked ex works by trained staff until they are granted quality level 1a.

Ceramics full of inner beauty and character

We would like to share our enthusiasm for Bunzlau ceramics with you. You will find that you are choosing ceramics with character. The effort and affection with which these natural products are made can be felt in the curvy shapes and the always unique decorations. The feel and weight have their very own quality impression. Each individual ceramic is unique, because no piece is identical to its own. With the knowledge of the centuries-old handicraft, a new view of these objects results, which accompany us in everyday life.

This video gives you an impression of the elaborate production and decoration of Bunzlau ceramics.

The special properties of Bunzlau ceramics

Bunzlau ceramics have been valued for hundreds of years due to their special properties. The particularly high temperature of up to 1250 °, at which the clay from the Lower Silesian basin is refined into so-called "stoneware", has a major role in this. Stoneware is ceramic of the highest quality and makes the products fireproof so that they can be safely used on an open fire, on the stove and in the oven.
The intense colors of the various decors as well as the thick glaze are subject to special quality requirements, because they must be free of any toxins in order to be suitable for food and even allergy sufferers.

Bunzlauer Keramik entsteht in traditioneller Handarbeit

The peacock eye and the sponge technique

The crockery of the Bolesławiec ceramics factory in Bolesławiec has been made using traditional craftsmanship for hundreds of years. The manufactory relies on the "sponge decoration method" (also called sponge decor) that has been used since the 19th century. To create the characteristic patterns, appropriately cut sponges are used. With them, the color-intensive decors are transferred by hand onto the ceramic on a rotating plate, a complex and time-consuming job. Depending on the complexity of the pattern, the size and shape of the ceramic, and the size of the color palette, this can take several hours.

Verzierung in Handarbeit

This also explains the different prices for the different decors of the ceramics, which can be recognized by their nomenclature:

  • Category 1: Classic decors (identified by a number)
  • Category 2: exclusive decors (identified by a number and "a")
  • Category 3: Premium decors (marked with "DU" and a number)
  • Category 4: Artistic, signed decors / unique items (identified by number and "ART")
  • Category 5: Unique decors / unique items (identified by number and "EX")
Verzierung in Handarbeit

At the end of the 19th century, one decor became particularly popular: the Bunzlau eye of the peacock decor (in our shop it´s called Decor 8). Ceramics with this decor, which is dotted with concentric circles and supplemented by brushstrokes, received the gold medal for cadmium- and lead-free dishes at the 1905 World Exhibition in London. Even today, products with this pattern are among our absolute bestsellers.

After the ceramics have been decorated, they are covered with a lead- and cadmium-free glaze and are therefore absolutely harmless to your health. Furthermore, due to the high quality ceramic, the dishes are resistant to all natural acids and are therefore suitable for storing liquids such as vinegar and other acidic foods.

Tradition for more than 500 years

Bolesławiec, the former Bunzlau, is located in Lower Silesia, which extends over the border region Poland - Germany. It is rich in natural occurrences of raw materials that are needed for the production of Bunzlau dishes.

Mittelalterlicher Atlas mit Bunzlau

The town's pottery guild was mentioned as early as the beginning of the 14th century, but the Lower Silesian pottery tradition is probably much older. The numerous pottery factories were already making crockery for everyday needs such as cups, plates, mugs, jugs and much more from ceramics. Fire resistance was particularly important before the general availability of metal pots and pans, so that Bunzlau products were exported to all corners of the known world via the nearby trade routes Via Regia and Via Imperia.

Bunzlauer Keramikwerke

Bunzlau ceramics were of outstanding economic importance until the Second World War, but their relevance decreased with the introduction of enameled cast iron and sheet steel pots. Bunzlau was badly affected in World War II and then the planned economy found its way into Poland. A large Bunzlau state enterprise was created, which, with hundreds of employees, was one of the largest employers in the area.

Marktplatz von Bunzlau

With the fall of the Iron Curtain and the collapse of the USSR, the state-owned enterprise was privatized and, at the same time, drastically streamlined, leaving a lot of free potential in the labor market. As a result, with the perfectly trained staff, the old tradition of the small Bunzlau ceramics potters and manufacturers, which gradually emerged and continue to emerge in Bolesławiec, could be continued. Due to the greater competition from creative people, there is now a very large selection of shapes and decors that reflect the zeitgeist of the last centuries up to the modern age.

There have always been lovers of Bunzlau ceramics, but the products are experiencing a new renaissance, because they are dishwasher and microwave safe, fire-resistant and ecologically sustainable.

5 year guarantee on Bunzlau ceramic dishes

Hundreds of years of experience in formulation and production ensure the high performance properties of Bunzlau ceramics. The Bunzlau ceramic tableware is color-fast, microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe and has a long service life, so that your grandchildren will still enjoy them. Due to the special clay from the Bunzlau clay basin and the high temperature of 1250 ° at which the clay is burned off, the Bunzlau ceramics are absolutely fire-resistant.

For these and many other reasons we´re proud to offer 5 years of guarantee to our costumers.

Thank you for your interest in Bunzlau ceramics! We hope you enjoy browsing our shop, you will surely find your "ceramics to fall in love with".

Yours Bunzlau ceramics Team