Guarantee Policy

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Guarantee policy according to 477 I BGB (German Civil Right):

Every product we sell corresponds to quality level 1A. They are checked intensively by trained staff in the factory until they are granted this quality level. The ceramic is burned off at a particularly high temperature of 1260 degrees and coated with a lead- and cadmium-free, natural clay glaze. Bunzlau ceramics are colorfast, microwaveable, dishwasher-safe, stable, have a long service life and are even suitable for allergy sufferers.
For these reasons we offer you a 5-year guarantee on all ceramic products.

The 5-year guarantee begins on the date the product was received by the Guarantor
K&K Keramik, Dipl. Ingenieur Falko Kunze
Kyhnaer Weg 10, 04509 Delitzsch, Germany
Tel. 034202 309680
Fax. 034202 3096888
Email: It applies across Europe. The statutory warranty law (liability for defects) is not restricted by the guarantee. The guarantee only covers the replacement of defects which occur during the guarantee period and which are not based on wear and tear, normal consumption or improper handling.

n the case of a guarantee, please contact the previously mentioned guarantor. After the product has been sent in and the proof of purchase has been presented, the product will then be exchanged for an equivalent product. If the product or an equivalent product is no longer available for exchange, we will refund the purchase price.